When : Wednesday, August 30 2017

Time : 07.00- 16.00 hrs

Location : Bunol

Price : 45,-

(incl. coachfare, entrance Tomatina, lunch and insurance)


Last year JRR Events organized a trip to Tomatine for the 1st time.

Tomatina is a once-in-a-liftetime event. 40.000 people together fighting with tomatoes.


We'll leave at approx 07.00 hrs in the direction of Bunol, 40 kms west of Valencia. On arrival we walk through the village to the street where the tomato-trucks will pass through and where the tomato-fight will take place.

We find ourselves a spot in the busy, narrow street and wait for the trucks.


After the start-signal the first trucks arrive. Everybody needs to go to the side and from the trucks the first tomatoes fly around your heads.

Halfway down the street the truck unloads all its tomatoes and whitin seconds the tomatoes are up to your ankles.


Let the fight begin ..........


About 10 trucks are coming through the street and slowly everyone turns redder and redder.

What an experience !


For all those who don't like large crowds, last year we had spots where you ould hide, but watch the full event.


In short : an event you can't miss


At approx 12.00 hrs the event is over and we walk back to our coach, where the local population has laid out waterhoses to make uys less red.


Dont forget clean clothes for back ón the coach.

After having put on fresh clothes, we set out for our lunch-address and at approx 16.00 we'll be back in Albit/Benidorm



Interested? Are you alone, together or with a group?


Apply as follows :

Send us an email : info@jrrevents.com

or call one of our colleagues : Ramon +31 6 54 24 82 58, Rebecca +34 603 203 327 or Johan +34 678 55 84 08 .


Your application is only valid when a 50% down-payment has been received. You can pay this cash to one of our colleagues or transfer the right amount to our bank-account ES86 0049 4418 6927 9002 4654 in name of R. van der Waart, stating your name + which event.


Be quick about it, for :

fully booked = fully booked !