Fallas Valencia

Come with us to the Fallas in Valencia !!!

Fallera's mascletas ... or Las Fallas! The biggest and best-known festival of Valencia. Every year thousands of visitors from around the world to the city to experience this fabulous, but also bizarre event. With beautiful wooden statues and mascleta programs.


What we offer you this day:

Upon arrival in Valencia, we begin with tour through the city center and at 14.00 we end the Mascleta. Then you have a few hours for yourself and at 18:00 we leave towards Benidorm / Albir. (Below you will find an explanation of what to do in Valencia)


What are the Fallas?

Las Fallas originated in the Middle Ages, Valencian craftsmen had in the winter months enlighten times their work this were parots' that used wooden boards to which they hung their lanterns. In spring this parots were no longer needed and were burned this, the lantern came to be on top of the stake. Therefore, in San Jose (March 19), the patron saint of carpenters, burned Fallas images.

Now are created images and it is intended that this be as creative as possible, who will be looking to make the biggest fires. During Las Fallas there are about 700 images over, it is an impressive sight as these images go through the streets. On some images work throughout the year there are also those up to 20 meters high.

In the last night, the homemade images also burnt all this they call La Cremà. The burning of the images takes several hours, and is a wonderful sight. The tradition is that one image is saved by the public, this is then transferred to the Fallero Museum.

Las Fallas begins each day at 8:00 am with La Desperta 'this is the wake-up call ", then marching bands through the city be playing the cheerful music.


City Walk

Upon arrival in Valencia, we begin with a tour through the center. This tour goes along the biggest Fallas, meanwhile guide tells you of the Fallas celebrations background stories but also it allows you to see the sights of the beautiful old town of Valencia.

The tour ends at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento which will take place at the Mascleta.


Mascleta 14.00

As of March 1, there is every day at 14:00 a fireworks show on the Plaza Ayuntamiento. This is called the "mascleta. It's intense bangers in certain rhythms. A mascleta you must have experienced at least once in your life, because it is very impressive! A good mascleta has a great structure and can be discovered in rhythm so many people at the end of a mascleta loud clap or jump.

After Mascleta you still have a few hours to walk through Valencia or in one of the tapas bars / restaurants some food. Around 18:00 we will gather and will return again.


When: Friday, March 17th

Time: 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Cost: 27,50

Where: Valencia



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